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Certification and maintenance
Annex O of the NFPA specifies testing and maintenance requirements.

  • O.3.9 Testing: There are three types of testing specified in the document:
    • •System commissioning testing (performed by the building owner)
    • •Acceptance testing (under the supervision of the AHJ)
    • •Annual testing
  • The AHJ is allowed some discretion when it comes to testing, but the document recommends voice-quality testing (using actual radios on the hip) on a uniform grid, as well as a method for determining the size of the grid and the pass/fail criteria. In addition to voice-quality testing, Annex O also specifies a method for collecting outbound signal-strength measurements with a spectrum analyzer or test receiver. Measurements are to be collected while walking in an X pattern, with at least five measurements per side of the X and at least one measurement every five feet. The collected samples then are linearly averaged and applied to the center of the grid cell.
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