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Benefits of realizing the universal targets

We’ve talked about the hurdles cities face on their smart city journey and how realizing targets will require commitment, planning and execution. Now let’s talk about the rewards!

Because the 17 universal targets described here apply to every responsibility, the benefits highlighted below are also citywide in their application. We’ve organized the benefits by our three core smart city objectives – enhanced livability, workability and sustainability.


Livability will mean different things to different people because we all define quality of life in different ways. Yet the smart city benefits highlighted below have the potential to help everyone:

Revolutionizing people’s relationship with their government. By providing instant, electronic access to the information people need, the services they require, and the interaction they want with officials, cities build citizen trust and satisfaction.

Improving city service by sharing data. Many of the most exciting city applications come from sharing data between departments. Or, in a similar fashion, by sharing data with outside developers who can innovate new applications. For instance, cities including Amsterdam, London, Philadelphia and San Francisco have instituted “Open Data” programs. They have resulted in hundreds of innovative applications, including trip planners, parking spot finders, bus locators, crime reporting and alerts, and business planning tools, to name just a few.

Enabling real-time alerts and real-time monitoring. Health and public safety are improved when citizens are alerted to fires, floods, air-quality issues, public disturbances, pipeline leaks, downed electricity lines, chemical spills, snowstorms and snow plows, metro lines, bus locations, etc.

Creating citywide situational awareness. When you are able to fully visualize your city’s traffic, energy, gas and water networks, you can best ensure reliability and resiliency of those essential services.

Protecting personal privacy. People have a right to and great desire for privacy and that issue will certainly crop up when you start marching down the smart city path. The Guide’s universal principles include recommendations on privacy.

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