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Calendars. Community calendars are widely used by residents and tourists. Although you can use a standalone tool to create your calendar, many cities gain this functionality from the content management system that runs their web site. (See "Portals and web sites below.) These days, it's essential that your calendar be accessible via smartphone, not just by print and browser. You can accomplish that via a web site that adjusts to phone screens, or by a separate phone app. a popular aspect of your local government website.

Contracts management. A centralized repository for legal agreements. Typically manages workflow, approvals, alerts, search, e-signatures and contract assembly from a library of clauses. Often interfaces with citizen relationship management software.

Dashboards. Dashboards provide a central spot to monitor a city's key performance indicators (KPIs). In some cases, they are also used to create public-facing "report cards," so citizens can track progress as well. Typical features include connectors to pull raw data from many different sources; visualization and reporting tools to make that data easy to understand; alerts to warn when KPIs go out of bounds; and analytics to spot trends. Most such tools offer both browser and mobile versions.

Like many digital city services, dashboards can be a tool for staffers, for citizens or for both. For instance, Boston city employees have highly detailed dashboards specific to their departments. Boston also combines 18 different performance metrics – everything from graffiti removal to call center performance to emergency response time – into a single CityScore that is reported to the public every day.

I'm constantly looking at the dashboard," said Boston Mayor Martin Walsh in an NPR interview. "I'm constantly looking at the measurements of where we were in a day, where we were in a year. Every single department, every single day."


Dashboards help citizens and staffers alike. The City of Boston has a comprehensive dashboard for the use of the Mayor and his staff. The city also combines 18 different metrics into a daily CityScore, which the public can view at any time.

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