City Responsibilities

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Some of today’s greatest cities benefitted from visionaries who – centuries ago – saw possibilities for civic betterment and made it happen. A compelling example comes from leaders back in the 1800s. Way before the phrase “urban sprawl” had entered our psyche, they committed to preserving vast amounts of open spaces for public use. Think of Hyde Park in London, Central Park jutting through Manhattan or Ueno Park in Tokyo. They are all testaments to leaders “thinking outside the box” a very long time ago.

Fast-forward a couple of centuries. It’s your turn to make that same kind of lasting impact on your city.

The chapters in this section will help you do that. Each chapter covers a different city responsibility area — services like mobility and public safety. In each, we cover key applications, the universal smart cities principles that help you get the most from those applications, and the metrics and targets that help you gauge your progress.

Get these right and you’ve set up your city for decades of success.

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