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Utilizing the economic and social value of big data held by the Norfolk County Council and partner agencies, this Microsoft video explains how the hub will help create a local knowledge economy, improve education and attract investment.
The Internet of Things (IoT) can help address many of the most pressing problems facing towns and cities today, from congestion and energy use to public safety. For a quick summary of ways IoT can do that, download this infographic from Council member Verizon.
This infographic lhighlights drivers, challenges and steps for moving forward toward smarter cities. It is based on a survey of North American municipal leaders conducted by Cisco and the Smart Cities Council in September 2014.
 This white paper from Council member Black & Veatch presents the framework for Smart Integrated Infrastructure. From advancements through the smart evolution cycle to the role of smart analytics in planning for a smarter future, it addresses why the world as we know it is getting smarter and more integrated, the value and implications that brings society and how utilities and municipalities can prepare for it.
A convergence is happening between smart grid platforms and smart city platforms. Learn in this video from Council member Silver Spring Networks about the opportunities that provides cities to take advantage of a common infrastructure to drive a whole host of compelling services.
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