Smart transportation

The traffic congestion curse (and some of the nicer ways cities are trying to fix it)

Mon, 2018-07-02 16:54 -- Doug Peeples

When the city of Cambridge in the UK announced peak hour parking charges in April to deal with air pollution and traffic congestion it didn't go over very well. Residents were furious. But the city recently announced it's investing in a kinder, gentler approach to luring people out of their cars.

Edmonton's smart – and practical – approach to traffic signal upgrades

Thu, 2018-06-21 16:04 -- Doug Peeples

Traffic in Edmonton, Alberta is far from bad compared to many other cities. But Edmonton is Canada's fastest growing major city, and it does have traffic congestion — and hundreds of the city's intersections need to be upgraded. Read our story to learn why the city is thinking ahead and planning smart tech upgrades.

Additional resources

This section offers real-world examples of how Smart Cities Council Partners are collaborating with cities to evaluate and deploy transportation technologies designed to enhance livability, workability and sustainability.

What smart transportation networks can do and why smart cities need them

There are many reasons why cities are investing heavily in transportation improvements. But it's not simply a matter of meeting the demands of growing populations. Smart transportation networks contribute to economic growth and resilience, reduce environmental impacts, enhance the traveling public's safety and keep our cities connected and livable.