Smart infrastructure

Taking the guesswork out of Mexico's energy demand forecasts

Thu, 2018-12-13 13:39 -- Doug Peeples

When the hot seasons begin, Mexico's national electric system operator has struggled to meet the demand for power when millions of air conditioners are turned on and used more often. Read our story to learn about the steps the utility's taking to be better prepared when that happens.


Many industry experts believe that as 5G is adopted, it will cause a paradigm shift, sometimes referred to as the "Mobile Industrial Revolution," a "Fourth Industrial Revolution," or "Industry 4.0." 5G will create the crucial communications links needed to connect billions of smart devices.


A fundamental step in transforming a city into a smart city is to have the necessary telecommunications infrastructure. Bandwidth is the fuel of the emerging Gig-Economy and connectivity is the pipeline carrying this essential resource.

Smart energy's not just for cities: it's for islands too

Thu, 2018-08-02 16:33 -- Doug Peeples

Islands and remote communities are similar in that both often need to rely on imported fossil fuels for energy, a typically high cost solution that reduces air quality. A smart energy pilot project off the UK coast seeks to change that — and build a transition roadmap that could be used by other locations in the same situation.

Regional markets

This section offers a brief overview of the unique circumstances that influence and shape how federal, regional and local governments approach smart city programs in Australia and New Zealand, Europe, India and North America.

Introduction to Smart Cities

The Smart Cities Council developed the Smart Cities Readiness Guide to help city leaders, managers and staff envision their city's future and plan for it. To do that, the Readiness Guide offers recommendations and insights designed to assist cities in choosing the smart city initiatives that are right for them and offer optimal benefits for all citizens.