Connected devices

Hesse's highway gets a tech boost

Thu, 2017-09-21 07:03 -- SCC Europe Staff

The German state of Hesse is working with global tech powerhouse Siemens to build the first eHighway on a public highway in the country, with an overhead contact line for electric freight transport on the A5 autobahn. Expected to be completed at the end of 2018, this new highway will help solve the issue of climate-neutral freight transport by road in Frankfurt, cutting energy consumption in half and reducing local air pollution.


IoT is a catch-all phrase for the integration of the network with sensors, devices, big data and analytics. It is characterized by low-capacity communications.


Many industry experts believe that as 5G is adopted, it will cause a paradigm shift, sometimes referred to as the "Mobile Industrial Revolution," a "Fourth Industrial Revolution," or "Industry 4.0." 5G will create the crucial communications links needed to connect billions of smart devices.

Why act now?

There is no “cloud” without the network. You can’t get there from here. Telecommunications is a core pillar of smart city infrastructure and requires an ecosystem of public-private cooperation to maximize its impact.

Tech European cities defeating Silicon Valley

Fri, 2017-09-29 00:00 -- SCC Europe Staff

In a former railway yard in southeast Paris, a €200 million project is underway to create a global hub for Internet development that will be the largest start-up incubator in the world. Dubbed Halle Freyssinet (or Station F), this is just one project that will make Paris a global player in terms of Internet technology, as well as create up to 4,000 jobs and attract 1,000 French and foreign tech entrepreneurs.

Urban logistics

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Smart infrastructure

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