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Many industry experts believe that as 5G is adopted, it will cause a paradigm shift, sometimes referred to as the "Mobile Industrial Revolution," a "Fourth Industrial Revolution," or "Industry 4.0." 5G will create the crucial communications links needed to connect billions of smart devices.


IoT is a catch-all phrase for the integration of the network with sensors, devices, big data and analytics. It is characterized by low-capacity communications.

Glossary Term(s): Connected devices, Sensors

Police, fire and other first responders face danger when entering buildings because of the inability of their radios to transmit indoors. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has issued guidelines and many cities and communities are creating new code guidelines as well as implementing these necessary safety systems.

Glossary Term(s): Responsibilities

Cities need a firm, detailed plan of action if they expect to conduct successful project deployments that contribute to their livability, workability and sustainability.

Glossary Term(s): Responsibilities, Sustainability