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Smart energy networks are critical for evolving smart cities to be economically strong and able to meet the increasing demand for electricity caused by growing urban populations.

Glossary Term(s): Livability

While energy network upgrades are costly and time-consuming, the benefits they provide are very real, and lasting. Here we share a few examples of successful energy initiatives.

Glossary Term(s): Instrumentation

The benefits of smart energy networks can't be overstated. They contribute to a smart city's sustainability, livability and workability. They also support the services and conveniences we expect and add to a city's overall wellbeing.

Glossary Term(s): Livability

This chapter addresses the critical role energy plays in smart cities as well as the benefits smart energy networks can provide.

Glossary Term(s): Sustainability

A fundamental step in transforming a city into a smart city is to have the necessary telecommunications infrastructure. Bandwidth is the fuel of the emerging Gig-Economy and connectivity is the pipeline carrying this essential resource.

Glossary Term(s): Connectivity, Smart infrastructure

We define a "connected city" as a city or community that has a network infrastructure that allows for the efficient exchange and collection of information (voice, data, video) on a variety of public and private devices.

There is no “cloud” without the network. You can’t get there from here. Telecommunications is a core pillar of smart city infrastructure and requires an ecosystem of public-private cooperation to maximize its impact.

Glossary Term(s): Connected devices

All stakeholders want to efficiently deploy resources; therefore, the proper policies need to be in place at the federal, state and local levels to encourage more wireless broadband deployments and investment.

Glossary Term(s): Cellular, Responsibilities

A smart, resilient telecommunications network provides significant benefits for cities, well beyond the obvious ones. It can encourage local economic growth and a city's economic competitiveness.

Glossary Term(s): Connectivity, Livability, Workability

A city's telecommunications infrastructure, in its many and varied forms, is an essential part of the smart city fabric.

Glossary Term(s): Connectivity, Livability