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Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death globally. But there are many ways cities can ensure their transportation networks are safe for the people who use them. It's a matter of choosing the right solutions for each city's circumstances.

Glossary Term(s): Smart transportation, Targets

The number of mobility options for people who want quick, convenient transportation in the city is growing. And the technologies that make them possible are growing, too. On-demand travel is a prime example of a transport sector that is evolving quickly as new innovations and applications are tested and deployed.

Glossary Term(s): Ride Hailing Services

Electric vehicles are generally considered a good fit for smart cities, even though their adoption rate hasn't been as high as anticipated. This section highlights significant trends in the EV market to help inform urban mobility planning.

Glossary Term(s): Electric vehicles

We're told driverless cars will change urban transportation dramatically. But how they will and how much are questions that remain to be answered for city governments. This section provides helpful background for city leaders and planners — and some of the key issues they should be aware of.

Cleaner air and an economic boost are two great reasons to deploy smart parking, which has been described as the biggest parking revolution since the invention of the meter. Here's how to get started in your city.

Glossary Term(s): Smart parking
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Glossary Term(s): Connected devices
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Despite the best of intentions, a few pitfalls can put your smart mobility initiatives in the slow lane. Here’s how to avoid them.
To get the most from your city's smart transportation infrastructure, consider these best practices.
Glossary Term(s): Smart infrastructure
The goal of the Readiness Guide is to help you make two key decisions: 1) where you want to end up and 2) where you should start. This section suggests the targets at which you should aim.