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Make no mistake: planning and implementing successful smart city initiatives — those that have an optimal positive impact on livability, workability and sustainability — are hard work. But the benefits are a better quality of life for citizens, a cleaner, safer, more convenient and enjoyable place to live and work. There are other benefits, too.

Glossary Term(s): Livability, Smart infrastructure

The Smart Cities Council developed the Smart Cities Readiness Guide to help city leaders, managers and staff envision their city's future and plan for it. To do that, the Readiness Guide offers recommendations and insights designed to assist cities in choosing the smart city initiatives that are right for them and offer optimal benefits for all citizens.

Glossary Term(s): Livability, Smart infrastructure

Smart transportation networks offer numerous benefits, among them accommodating a variety of transportation options from bicycles to buses, greater safety for users and cleaner air.

Glossary Term(s): Livability, Sustainability, Workability
Cities have no choice but to get smart with their mobility infrastructure. Use the resources in this section to build your action plan for not only solving your mobility issues, but also getting ahead of the curve.
Glossary Term(s): Livability

Why are smart transportation improvements a number one priority for cities? Because it's of the most effective ways to keep up with growing urban populations and demands for more mobility options. Click to learn more.

Glossary Term(s): Livability, Sustainability

Smart energy networks are critical for evolving smart cities to be economically strong and able to meet the increasing demand for electricity caused by growing urban populations.

Glossary Term(s): Livability

The benefits of smart energy networks can't be overstated. They contribute to a smart city's sustainability, livability and workability. They also support the services and conveniences we expect and add to a city's overall wellbeing.

Glossary Term(s): Livability

A smart, resilient telecommunications network provides significant benefits for cities, well beyond the obvious ones. It can encourage local economic growth and a city's economic competitiveness.

Glossary Term(s): Connectivity, Livability, Workability

A city's telecommunications infrastructure, in its many and varied forms, is an essential part of the smart city fabric.

Glossary Term(s): Connectivity, Livability