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In a truly smart city, the services and operations that make it work are interconnected and interdependent. In this section of the Readiness Guide we briefly explain why a comprehensive approach is essential in planning for successful smart city transformations.

Glossary Term(s): Connectivity, Interoperability
Powerful forces are converging to make smart cities a growing trend all around the world. It is valuable for city leaders to understand what’s behind this momentum and how it will play out in their region. Chances are some of the pain points described below will hit close to home.
Glossary Term(s): Interoperability

While smart cities provide a wealth of benefits for their citizens and visitors, there are challenges and barriers to implementing the transformations that make cities safer, more livable, more cost-efficient and economically competitive. We identify many of those barriers here.

Glossary Term(s): Interoperability, Optimization
The goal of the Readiness Guide is to help you make two key decisions: 1) where you want to end up and 2) where you should start. This section suggests the targets at which you should aim.