Smart Cities are About People Not Technology

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Sun, 2015-08-09 15:15 -- SCC Staff

At a roundtable hosted by the Guardian, experts discussed how long it will take for all cities to become smart. In this video, Council Lead Partner Cisco's Rod Halstead, Capita's Catherine Howe, Innovate UK's Niraj Saraf and Sarah Gonsalves of Milton Keynes City Council, argue that smart cities aren't about tech or data. What matters, they suggest, is creating fun, surprising places where people want to live, work and be healthy.

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Just to paraphrase a good statement in this video: "We need broader conception of smart cities that is about citizen engagement, behavior change, apps that deliver things people actually need. There is no end point where you can say “this city is now smart”, you can say a city has higher well-being or cleaner air … this are always ways to improve … a Smarter City understands that it needs to constantly innovate"